The Definitive PianoforAll Review

I'll get into the review right away.

Should you invest in this product? Keep on reading.

The Pianoforall recently apeared on the web and unlike all other product that tell that you will play in just seconds after purchase just like the best in the world makes a much more realistic promise:Learn in the fastest time possible.

Oddly enough for such a promise the package is pretty hefty:200 videos,10 books, 500 audio lessons.How on Earth can anyone go thru this? After all we need time to sleep,eat, work.Well, the author spoted this problem and arranged the books in such a way that is easy to folow.

Let me explain:If you follow the course in the recomended order you'll start with the first book "Party time/Rythm Piano" inside are 10 classic party rhythms, piano chord ballad, lots of keyboard diagrams, tricks, and loads of progressions in the style of classic songs .After that you will learn how to play great Blues and Rock 'n' Roll Piano ,instantly recognisable rhythms wich should amaze just about everybody with you newly aquired skills.Add to that a special piano chord chart and amazing memory tricks to remember them.The next book handles the dreaded advanced chord with ease,fun and a bit of practice.
Books 5,6,7,8 will put the power of piano ballad in your hands,defeat Jazz Piano and learn Advanced Blues Piano & Fake Stride and at the end face the Classics and win.
Amazing memory tricks are in the 9th book.The Tenth book is all about resources: A comprehensive list of terrific popular songs and lots of information on Pianos and Keyboards in general - what to buy - useful websites - book reviews - free resources(this book alone is worth at least 50$).

And What Do You Have to Say About The 500 Audio files?
The author made a VERY smart choice(and a very expensive one since Adobe software is not cheap) with them and using a exclusive feature of the PDF files he embeded them in the books.This means that you can read AND hear how it should sound with the click of a button.

The videos provided are extensively commented and crystal clear(both in quality and instructions).Unfortunatly these are not embeded in the pdf books.

Pianoforall offers an coprehensive,unique and solid course to learn the piano's secrets.It's suitable for begginers and intermediate students but not for experts(for witch is too little to learn)and is certanly not suitable for the lazy student. Purchasing options are amazing to say the least:You can purchase each book (and its videos) , buy one of many packages , get all on a CD-Rom, or you can get the whole deal at a huge discount.The lowest price is just 10 $, the highest is 80$ and you can even spread the cost over 2 or 4 months.

Purchase is guaranteed by a 60 days warranty and the author put his contact e-mail
on the first page .

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